Monday, October 31, 2011

Been So Long

It's funny how things like this fall away when things in your life start to turn up. I can't ever seem to continue to keep up with this thing when everything in my life is going right. It becomes a crutch in times of need...but it's something I enjoy so much it's sad it turns into that.

That being said, thanks to the wonderful Koogimama (Visit here!) I'm writing on here again. And things are wonderful.

Writing shouldn't just display the destruction, dismay and depression that follows me around like a cloud of smoke. Happiness is worth so much more, and presenting it makes it that much more real.

We always remember the negative much more vividly than the good. When things go downhill all that we held precious moments ago is discarded. That's not the life worth living.

Embrace what you have. Enjoy the life you live. Focus on preserving the happy in anyway you can, because once it's gone, those are the moments worth treasuring. After all is said and done, I want to say that I have lived the life I got with joy in my heart and the knowledge that I didn't just waste the time I was given.

It's funny how all it takes is a night in on the couch with someone worthwhile to remember that.

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