Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So you say...

I only come around in need. That after the split, I changed. My presence flickers into the scene and vanishes not to be seen again for months. Perhaps this is true. No, it is true. I wish to seek my own, to become my own. To embrace that which I am and is entitled to no other. How can that be if your ghostly hand constantly weighs down upon my shoulders? Weary, so weary of the arguements and lectures. Have faith in me. It is I who am to experience all that was lost on those before me. Some is that which is discouraged, would make you disappointed in me if you were to ever know. This is why secrecy exists. It must be done, for how else am I to discover the path? I am safe, I am secure, and I know what I must do. Have faith in me. If that is done, you will not be let down. Without the freedom to explore the recesses of my society, the depths of capabilities will never be discovered. Faith.

On another note:

Untitled III

There is a girl unlike any other.
Her mind feels twisted, warped-
Full of delusions and self-depreciating thoughts.
Yet within this ceaseless world
There lie two who understand.
Two that can feel as if she does,
That can explain the thoughts
That remain foreign to her own mind.
In their midst, all becomes serene.
A calm heart to echo a calm mind.
All thanks to two souls,
That resonate perfectly alongside her own.

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