Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Four Months Break and a Whole New Perspective

Four months since that last update...and life has turned around 180 degrees. Life is in such an upswing and all it takes is a little distance. Memories still swing back and forth within my mind but they're no longer at the forefront. More like that little glimpse of an object you get from your peripheral vision before it's lost again.

This is the first blog I haven't completely forgotten about. I just need to remember to post when I'm not upset. Like now.

I've been working on school, and a novel, so my time has been well spent. I'm posting an excerpt now, and perhaps a little poetry later if my mind feels up to it. It probably will since it's like a pinwheel caught in a tornado.

I’ve always known the world held many mysteries, but in this moment I knew without a doubt there were none greater than her. This wasn’t a mystery meant for my decrepit bones, but I still ached for it so much it echoed through my heart and into my brain.
Oh to be worthy!
To be the one to see the truth revealed behind those startling almond eyes. Those eyes had stoked the fire in his heart that he had long ago turned to ash. Bright and happy and oh-so-pure, they could only lead to destruction. They had, but it was worth it to have been the one to first solve the mystery not meant for him, to see those eyes change under his dutiful ministrations. The caged bird can indeed sing merrily, if only he has remembrance of freedom within his mind. It is with that hope in my heart that I end these memoirs – so that until the end of my days I may remember the only part of my life in which I can say I was truly happy.

So this is what I've got until the mood strikes me to be creative in verse.

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