Saturday, August 7, 2010

The First of the Oldies

Things from four or more years ago...


I dream of the cerulean sky,
Interrupted by child-like marshmallow clouds
And the feeling I'm not alone.

A light breeze caresses
Reassuring and comforting,
He appears by my side.

"Are you ever afraid?"
A murmur.
From whom is forever unknown.

A questioning stare-
An unreadable expression,



There is restlessness in my being-
The cause of mind numbing
Sending signals to my brain.
Find a lover!
Take a mate!
He who is so perfectly flawed.


Night comes calling,
And with it,
My long awaited consort.

The flitted touch of fingers over my body,
He is my sovereign.

Bodies entwine,
Our souls waltz,
Forever connected through time.

Peace is short-lived,
Infinite never seemed so short,
Now I am desolate, void.

Light shines through to me,
Ending these lucid dreams.

I was such a lovelorn young thing, wasn't I?

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