Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some Newer Pieces...

In these I think I'm going to post one per entry...just to make it easier.
By the way, for the people that somehow stumble upon this by accident, I don't intend my posts to be written in this format with such extensive use of the formidible word 'I.' This is just for the moment while I'm publishing everything old I've written.

Untitled I

         At once I feel as if I can see everything while seeing nothing at all. Blindness robs me of impurities, Cast into the waters of the baptismal font, I know I am saved. Beyond petty searches for the divine - beyond the reaches of finite science, into the essence of humanity! The bind that ties us all together...can never truly be seen until everything is stripped away. Pretenses both genuine and false only serve to tarnish that which makes us great.
         Smooth flesh, rounded breats, fleeting touches that echo in your brain like a bird taking flight...The raw smell of that which is unique to one but familiar to all...
         That is to be human, but not humanity.
         We are all human, but none of us reside within humanity. We are too imperfect...
That is the tie that binds us all.

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