Saturday, August 7, 2010

So Once Again the Journey Begins...

I don't know how many times I've tried to accomplish keeping up with a blog. The inevitability of reality creeping in and distracting me from worthwhile things always creeps in and I am lost to the abyss. This time however, I am going to try harder. I have a new quest/goal in mind.

You see I have a notebook that I keep all my writings in that I usually just notice when I feel like pretending I'm cool enough to pull of pretentiousness. Reclining on my patio, allowing myself to get all ashy kneed from where I have become too lazy to clean up the ashes of my cigarettes I listen to music and just write.

My goal is to continue to write in that journal at least once a day for the next month. Failure is probable, but an attempt to succeed will be launched.

All of that will be posted here. Tonight will see an enormous amount of posts however, as I'm going to try to import everything I've written that I like into here tonight, just so I have it.

So let the work begin!

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