Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oldies Post Deux

More Oldies...These are slightly darker.

The City

The flashing eyes of the city
Blind us; throwing off kilter the
Perfect scene and
Reveling in the revelations
That we wished we never had
Of who we really were.
The thunderous laugh of the city-
Deafness ensues and
Swallows the lie that you never
Told but wouldn't have
Saved us anyway.
The pockmarked skin of the city
Repulses us;
We were drawn
Together by the grotesque.
This is the city personified.


A desert storm,
Dust is in a fury.
Dirt caresses her body,
She desires water.
Her tired touch,
Touches only,
The red hot sand.

These were a bit darker, but I think the first I posted in this entry is one of my favourites. I wish I could find the rest...with time I suppose!

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